Positioning ROV

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Submarine Inspection Services. We go deeper with all your inspection, maintenance or installation of pipeline related, and submarine structure based proyects.

Inspección Out Of Straightness (OOS)

When pipelines work at high temperatures they may require an Out Of Straightness analysis to ensure required performance and avoid long term damage. Let us help you avoid future cost.

As Laid

Dragonfish will allow you to have complete visual reference troughout the line as soon as it has been laid thus allowing to define precise line positioning regarding the seabed, pipeline, or any significant element that could represent risk to the project with our As Laid ROV Inspections.


Achieve smart decisions by having the right information. With an As Built ROV Inspection our team will help you oversee any project related areas after pipe has been laid so you can safely define final status of all your hard work done.

Diving Support

For all your Diving support and Observation activities don’t just hope things are going well, have an extra set of eyes on your operation with Dragonfish Offshore and let our Observation ROVs show you how the magic happens.

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