About us

We give solutions not excuses.


We are a Mexican company focused on giving the right solutions for your most challenging projects…its what we do. We give solutions, not excuses.

Founded in 2012 under the belief that honesty, reliability, loyalty and the pursue of excellence build long lasting commercial relationships we have impressed our investors building a strong financial structure and stability. This has allowed us to develop a great reputation built upon a proven track record of successful projects completed hand in hand with our star customers. It also helps when discipline allows you to maintain a crystal clear safety record.

Every member of the Dragonfish Family has shown their commitment to excellence and their undivided attention to detail. Always striving towards giving our national and international clients that superior level of service they deserve and thus becoming your first choice for ROV projects as well as full technological solutions for your pipeline inspection, sea bed exploration, submarine construction, platform installation, platform removals or salvage projects.

We feel lucky to be able to share projects with the biggest names in the market, it motivates us to always stay hungry and always stay foolish, but to do just that. We keep a long term growth strategy and continuous efforts to achieve stable and predictable processes in our projects. But we are certified in ISO 9001:2008 so you can rest easy.

During our time at Dragonfish Offshore we have felt the need to anticipate technology and bring innovation back to our projects for the benefit of our clients. We have done this consistently for the last few years and we have been able to create beneficial waves of change for our market, that has given us a chance to decide that we want to bring our business to new heights. And you are welcome to join us.

There is an elusive sweet spot where you pay fair for the best service you can get at the best rate available. Here at Dragonfish Offshore we believe we have found it and would like share it in our next project together where you get the preferencial VIP service you deserve at a price you feel its fair.

The Dragonfish Promise means that you get that extra you deserve, that bonus, platinum double diamond preferencial treatment but without having to pay for it, we offer it to all our customers via our engineering teams and our passion for detail just for choosing to share your project with us. Let us take you to a level of satisfaction that makes our service very simply, the best of its kind.

So think about us for your next project and let us say together, Challenge Accepted!


OUR TEAMthey are always up to something good!

Simon Lizarraga
Engineering & Sales

Cesar Higuera
Project Management

Jorge Deschamps
Administration & Finance

Jorge Díaz
Senior Advisor

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